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How to Choose a Newborn Photographer

The joy of parenthood’s absolutely magical, and months of preparation go in welcoming the newborn to this world. While you are vigorously reading books on parenting, going to those early morning yoga classes, changing your lifestyle to fit the future you, you also need to plan your baby’s arrival in this world. We think that there’s no better way to do this other than doing a professional photo shoot of your baby.A newborn photographer would be your person of choice for the same. When you do get the time to find one, here’s how to choose a newborn photographer:

1.      How to Search for a Professional Newborn Photographer

Yourbundle of joy has arrived, and you don’t want an amateur photographer to click him/her, doyour research welland make a mindful decision.

  • Check out their social media platforms – If they Instagram well, they probably photograph well
  • Look for feedback on their website, recent reviews, and customer interactions – This
    will help you to distinguish professionals from the rest
  • Contact them personally, and ask them all the questions you need to

2. Handling Babies during Photography Session

While there’s no formal qualification for becoming a newborn photographer, experience is all you can go by. Are they comfortable with handling a newborn baby during photoshoot? Can they tell if the baby is feeling uncomfortable with a certain pose? Have they received adequate training to handle a newborn? A newborn photographer would be able to answer all these questions at

3. Posing the Baby

It’s natural to have a set of expectations from a photographer documenting the early stages of your baby’s life. Ask them if they’ll be able to manage a certain set of poses you have been thinking about, without making the baby uncomfortable. Find out if you’ll be able to use your own props, and the complexity of setup that would be used. Make sure that they curate different poses effortlessly while ensuring the safety of your newborn.

4.Are they available when you are?

After a lot of time has gone into research, finding out that your perfect photographer will not be available when it’s time would be disappointing. Make an appointment a few weeks or months prior, as most talented newborn photographers get booked well in advance.While you are at it, do find out the photographer’s and studio’s fee,high quality is usually available at a reasonable cost, if you look for it at the right place. By now, you should feel confident in finding the photographer who’ll bring out the best for you and your newborn.